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Positive Birth Stories and Testimonials

Don’t Take Just our Word For it

My thank you to my hypnobirthing teacher and friend!

5 years ago, I had an emergency c-section to keep me and my baby safe and alive whilst pregnant at 30 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. From that day on I was an avid fan of c-sections, the whole process, the reasons they are needed and even the recovery to a point (although I only had to look after myself as I had no other children and my new little baby was being cared for on neonatal).

Fast forward 4.5 years and finding out I was lucky enough to be pregnant with another little rainbow baby on the way. Straight away, I was all for the c-section. Straight forward, I’d had one before, I knew what was coming and that was the end point, discussed and agreed with my consultant at my 13 week appointment. 39 weeks  was going to be the end point due to the risks of my pregnancy and it would be a c-section as I didn’t want an induction for my own personal choices and risks of rupture to previous scars.

As the pregnancy progressed, I started feeling more inclined to want to try a natural birth. I don’t know why, some people said I was mad but they were the people who had all had the opportunity to do it and could rightly so, have their opinion. But I hadn’t had that opportunity and I wanted to form my own opinion. So further down the line, my consultant and I agreed that 39 weeks was c section BUT if I did go naturally myself before then, we would let nature take its course.

I decided to do everything exactly as if I was definitely having a ‘natural’ birth. Including attending This Mum Liverpool’s hypnobirthing classes. They were quite close to my planned section date (5 days before due date) and with a week to go, 2 sessions of hypnobirthing left, I became really emotional and deflated as I realised how important trying to have a natural birth was to me and the opportunity was slowly slipping away. I decided to continue with the hypnobirthing anyway as in a nutshell, I just LOVED it! The knowledge it gave me of why things happen in birth, natural pain relief and how to work this alongside any choices I make regarding medical pain relief, the science behind everything, the understanding of how to make affirmations work for me whether it was c-section or natural birth and genuinely just gave me an outlet to ask anything about birth! It became real, I was armed with the information I needed for any outcome and the biggest quote I came away with which became my mantra was ‘what are my choices?’. So important for a pregnant lady!

Fast forward to the morning of elective gentle c section, 4 days after my final hypnobirthing session, I woke up at 5:45am  ready to go into hospital. In a weird twist of fate, my waters went at that precise moment! The excitement was unreal! At the hospital an hour later, they confirmed my waters had broken and if I wanted a vaginal birth (VBAC), they could give me some options. One option is to wait 24 hours as 60% of women go into natural labour within this time. However, my blood pressure was rising and rising, so if I didn’t go into labour within 24 hours, the safest way to deliver the baby with my high blood pressure would be c-section anyway.  I did not want to lose my one chance to have a natural birth.

The other option was to help speed labour along with the use of the syntocinon drip. I was on my way but this would push things further along. Armed with the knowledge that this drip is an extremely strong artificial form of oxytocin, I knew that I had to stay calm and focused on my hypnobirthing in order to get my hormone levels on par with the amount they were going to put into my body to avoid me going into fight or flight adrenaline mode. I knew I could do it! I was excited to do it!

I was moved to delivery suite, checked at 1:30pm where the cervix was completely closed and the drip was administered. I set up the room as I wanted it, curtains closed, tea lights around the room, asked my husband and mum to be calm and quiet, asked for a birthing ball to keep active and had my baby playlist playing in the back ground which took me back to my most relaxed states in the bath throughout my pregnancy. This Mum had also provided me with recordings of two different versions of affirmations. Ones for gentle c section but now I needed the ones for a vaginal birth. I breathed through 5 hours of the latent phase, bouncing on my ball, keeping calm and quiet even though the surges were coming constantly and intensely.

At 6:30pm, I asked to be checked. From hypnobirthing I knew that what the midwife could tell me was where I was up to right then in that moment, not how long it was going to take. I was 1cm. Again, armed with the knowledge of all forms of pain relief and using the question ‘what are my options?’ I opted for a diamorphine injection to give me some opportunity to rest between the constant surges and relax even further. I knew that it would be out of my system before the baby was born and not effect the baby.

I went into such a relaxed state that 2 hours later when the diamorphine wore off, the surges became extremely intense. I said my positive affirmations in my head right the way throughout each surge which provided me with a positive distraction. I felt the need to bear down! ‘Surely not as I was only 1cm 2 hours ago’. But it was true! I had fully dilated and was ready to birth my baby. My eyes stayed closed, I was in my zone in my head, the darkness surrounding me, tea lights still flickering, music still playing I birthed my baby 45 minutes later. It was such an unbelievable feeling of happiness and I was so proud of myself, my husband, our baby, that we were able to do it! We were so so happy with our choices and my mum could not stop repeating that she had ‘never seen anything like it’ with regards to hypnobirthing. We can’t thank This Mum enough for preparing us so well and we will be back if we are lucky enough to ever grow our family again. What an amazing journey topped off with a gorgeous bundle of joy!

Katie Latham

I am writing this testimonial now as I lay in my own bed with my bundle of joy fast asleep on my chest for the first time 💙

He is 4 weeks and 4 days early according to the due date I was given - which you will learn through hypnobirthing ‘my baby knows the right time to be born’ and he did know, he is just perfect and to put it in the doctors own words ‘he has cooked to perfection!’

My story begins with an early night as I didn’t sleep very well the night before, which I put down to the heatwave and being 8 months pregnant. I went to the toilet just after 10pm and I was sure I felt a pop and then a gush of water but as I was on the toilet I wasn’t 100% sure. I put a maternity pad on and went back to bed. My pad was dry but I started to get pains. I was unsure on wether I had a belly ache  (we had been to a BBQ that day - I will admit I ate A LOT) or period like pains. I put the pains with the possible waters breaking together and phoned the hospital around 11pm. As my pad was dry they didn’t think it sounded like my waters had broke. I took 2 paracetamol and went to bed. Couldn’t settle as the pains didn’t go. I decided to run a bath to see if that eased my pain...a hypnobirthing technique This Mum taught me - and it worked. I messaged my mum saying I had stomach pains. She said just go to hospital and see what they say. At this point I really didn’t know if I just needed the toilet or I was in labour. I had my poor husband run ragged around me. All my stuff was packed in the suitcase ready for the hospital but I hadnt washed any of the baby’s clothes they were still in neat organised piles in his room to be. It was like a mad moment in a shop where I was pointing to clothes and he was throwing them in the suitcase...just incase- always better to have and not need, rather than need and not have 👍🏼. I was sick outside the house before leaving which made me think even more I just had tummy ache.

On the way to the hospital I could feel myself starting to tense and stiffen up as we hit every bump, which as a result made my pains worse - I remembered the story of This Mum swinging on the banister and her pains getting stronger - .... ok these might be contractions. I turned the car radio off, my husband was silent, I started to relax and focus on my breathing - I was in my zone.

We got to hospital and the midwife did a test to see if my waters had broke - they had...I was 4cm dilated at around 2am. I said to my husband ‘This is it!’.

I had visualised the most perfect water birth for myself and my baby and I wanted a calm environment. I wasn’t allowed in the water with going early...but that was ok because ‘my body knows what to do’’i trust my body’.

My husband and mum didn’t come on the hypnobirthing course with me, but they knew their role in getting me in the zone and keeping me in there. The support of a birthing partner is the greatest motivator needed during birth - pick them wisely. I listened to an audio book during my birth so I had something to focus on other than the pain. With the help of gas and air, affirmations and my breathing techniques my beautiful baby boy was born at 4:11am- less than 6 hours after my waters had broken.

My husband and mum said they had never seen anything like it and it was amazing to see at how calm I was and how quickly it all went.

I didn’t get the dream birth I had visualised ... but that’s fine, my body knew what to do, every surge I had brought me one step closer to meeting my boy. He may be early but he knew when was the right time to be born. He is perfectly healthy and we are home one day later. If This Mum hadn’t prepared me for every situation I would have gone into panic, no doubt, and my birth story would have been completely different!

I cannot recommend This Mum Hypnobirthing sessions enough but most importantly I cannot thank her enough for preparing me for the most amazing achievement of my life! Everyones birthing stories are different... I can’t wait to hear yours

Eve and baby Joseph

So my birth story,  where do I even begin from start to finish my pregnancy and birth could not have been more perfect.

I started my hypnobirthing journey in my early stages of pregnancy. After seeing my friend use methods for her two home births and it being so successful for her I thought it can’t hurt to try myself.

I suffer from quite bad anxiety and when I discovered I was pregnant I knew I didn’t want to feel stressed , overwhelmed or any negativity as I had someone else I needed to consider more now.

I tried pregnancy yoga to begin with to stay calm. I then started getting massages from This mum to fully relax.

Music for me has always helped me unwind so when I was getting my massages this mum suggested we play songs that would help me fully unwind. I found that for me reiki healing and yoga type music really helped So when I would get a massage we would play this type of music

In my hypnobirthing classes with This mum we talked about how using positive affirmations for pregnancy and birth would really help the process. At first I found this hard as saying things like I am a strong person and I can do this are things I have never really believed about myself. However when I teamed this with the music I had been using I found with time I was able to say these things over in my head several times a day and they started sinking in. This mum believed that if you use your affirmations where you feel most calm it can be really effective so I used these words when I was in the shower or listening to the calming music from earlier.

At hypnobirthing  We where also taught to visualise your birth. As a first time mum I obviously had my fears and no one really told me any positive birth stories to make it any easier. Only that my friend had such great births I clung onto that. I really wanted to have a water birth for the pain relief benefits and for my baby to be born into a stress free environment. I would close my eyes and visualise my baby being born in water and I would say my affirmations on a daily basis. I found this extremely helpful.

So after my sessions with this mum I felt a lot more comfortable and confident about my birth knowing that I was the one in control of my birth, knowing I had options and knowing I could always rely on BRAIN tool This mum had taught me.

Around 3am on Sunday the 11th August my waters broke at home 9 days earlier than expected. With this being completely new to me I wasn’t sure if I had gone into labour or not. I stayed calm and relaxed and contacted the midwife who said I should come into hospital to check if the baby was safe. At this stage I was getting small surges which I managed by listening to my relaxing music. This mum had recorded some affirmations which I also listened to at this point “Every surge brings me closer to meeting my baby” was one of my favourites.

I kept repeating these words as I bounced on my birthing ball waiting for my birth partner to come and pick us up and take us into hospital. My surges in the car became stronger but I kept calm and maintained my level of focus.

At the hospital I entered the maternity unit and was lead to the triage to be assessed. I was tested to see if my waters had gone, they had. The midwife who was dealing with me informed me that 2/3 women go into spontaneous labour after this but she didn't think I was on my way and talked about induction at this point. I stayed strong mentally even though this was something I didn't want at all. I trusted in my body and my small surges and believed My body knew what to do. The midwife then felt the baby and was convinced the baby was breech I'd had this from a lot of midwives throughout my pregnancy and so I knew my baby was in the correct position but the midwife scanned me to double check. I was lying constantly on a bed and it wasn't what I wanted so in any other circumstance this would have made me highly uncomfortable and stressed but I kept my music on in my headphones and listened to my body. I was then placed on a monitor to check baby’s heart beat this restricted even further  but I knew it was necessary to check the baby was happy with my waters being gone. In this time my surges where becoming stronger and babies heart rate was acting as though I was further on than the midwife thought.

After an hour of monitoring I was asked if I wanted an examination to see if I had progressed. In my birth plan examinations where not something I had wanted but I decided I’d have an initial check to see where about I was in labour. My birthing partner and I decided that I would try not to expect too much and anything would be a bonus. I was examined and I was 5cm!! I couldn't believe it I was practically half way to meeting my baby and I had got there with no intervention whatsoever. The midwife who examined me was shocked and quickly started to move me from triage. I found myself In the MLU which is exacting where I envisioned myself to be.

I got myself comfortable on the birthing mats and after a really short time, (before my boyfriend was even back from the car with my things) I felt the bearing down begin. My birth partner fetched the midwife and she began filling up the birthing pool.

At this point I was well and truly in the swing of things. I got into the pool and felt so calm and at ease in the warm water I had a surge and I knew my baby was well and truly on their way.

With my music playing and my birthing partners words of encouragement I welcomed a baby girl into the world at 9.02 am. Within two and a half hours after my initial check I had my Willow Annie with no pain relief apart from the water. I truly believe without the help and guidance of This mum I would have had a completely different experience I could not recommend her or her services more she helped me conquer my birth fears and because of this I was able to birth my baby in a safe and stress free environment.

Thank you so so much to my friend and hypnobithing expert love you!!



Sophie and Willow xxxxx

Birth of baby Willow